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SG SPA operates on national and international markets with its own structure Commercial and a widespread and deeply rooted sales network in the territory. The Company’s strengths are based on this network, made of motivated and expert professionals, on the constant replenishment of the goods, on immediate availability of the proposed articles and on particularly rapid deliveries, also of small amounts. The accounting activity on the purchasing centres carried out by sellers is integrated with training, sales and merchandising services on all stores. The selection of items is the result of a careful analysis of the international market, which in most cases anticipates national trends.

SG can count on 4 corporate offices, Milan, Rome, Melfi and Bari, and on logistic plants equipped with all the most innovative technologies, for a width of over 40.000 sq.m. Extensive warehouses, supported by the latest generation logistic managements (SAP Hana), allow you to always have the product in stock and to distribute it in a programmed and exemplary way. The delivery service on a logistic platform or on a single point of sale is managed in a functional and fast way.

Deliveries are made either in outsourcing, with specialized international companies, or with their own means. The confirmation of the efficiency in shipping the products is also represented by the partnership with the Amazon portal, only allowed to those who are able to deliver even the single piece in just 24 hours. A careful delivery management process allows a continuous tracking and delivery localization of goods with constantly improving order processing times.

The System offers the possibility to monitor the customer’s purchase history, in order to supply it on time and in a programmed manner.